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This wiki is dedicated to the iOS game, Scavenge Wars. Included you'll find hints and tips about the game, strategies, and help on how to play. Feel free to leave comments and help this wiki grow!

The BasicsEdit

Scavenge Wars is a text-based game, based off of the game Loot Wars, which was also an iOS game. Scavenge Wars can also be played from the Scavenge Wars website, as long as you have a Facebook account. It is focused around gathering items to put into your trophy case, which is where you can show off your greatest finds. Items take around seventeen hours to "research" before they can be put into your trophy case, which means that others can attack you and steal it. Items can also be put into your duffel bag, allowing you to take them out later. Items come in different rarities, ranging from very common to heirloom. Some items can also be combined to make sets, but all items in the set must be fully researched before the set can be built.

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